Prof.dr. Ning Qu

Founder, CEO

Dr. Ning Qu (cardiothoracic surgeon and professor in translational medicine, investor) is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Novamedik Group. Under his leadership Novamedik has set out an ambitious mission to become a hub for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in medical field. Through builidng diagnostic facilities and top level clinics, aiming for the future, yet practically operated, with professional teams from both China and Europe, Novamedik has quickly postioned itself as one of the fast growing technology&service providers in the sector.

Dr. Robert Kanhai

Chief Medical Director, Partner

Dr. R.C.J. Kanhai (plastic&reconstructive surgeon) is responsible for the Novamedik medical issues. He is the safegaurd of the safety of our users, patients. He guides product designer and producor through the whole process with highest European standard quality control to necessary EU/CE certifications.

Dr. Kanhai is also a highly respected Europe based medical professional, bearing years of experience as head of medical departments in general hospital, he ensures our customers are provided with the best and most safe products.

Drs. Cees-Jan Oostwouder

Chief Operational Director, Partner

Drs. C.J. Oostwouder (anesthesiologist - pain specialist) is responsible for the general operation of the company with focus on communications and customer management. Through his great network in Dutch and European medical world, Novamedik is quickly being recognized as one of the innovative service providers and product developers in the bio-medical research field.

Cees-jan is also an experienced medical business developer who has built a number of succesful companies in the past decades.

Dr. Joerd van der Meer

Chief Technology director, Partner

Dr. van de Meer (periodontologist) is a dental specialist and an inventor. He has more than 30 years of experience in special dentistry practice and 10 years experience in scientific research in digital workflow in health care. As one of the opinion leaders in medical technology, he is devoted in Novamedik to develop the best products for the upcoming highly demanded market.

Joerd is also responsible of the company's workflow, with focus on supply chain management. Under his supervision: Customer/Patient needs-product design-prototype-production-supply is smoothly carried out.

Dominic Schiller MBA

IP Attorny & UK director

Dominic has practiced pharmaceutical and biotech IP law for 30 years and is a Chartered Patent Attorney. Dominic commenced his professional career in private practice, having read Biochemistry and Genetics as an undergraduate. Before joining a life science consultancy where he worked alongside venture capitalists, conducting IP due diligence and managing investee portfolio post investment.

Mr. Schiller has managed a number of international bussiness collaborations, licensing, joint ventures, and technology transfer. Mr Schiller continues to serve and safegaurd the company's IP issues.