Novamedik BioResearch

Novamedik is a daughter company founded by Partner Investment International. Bearing decades of research experience in natural medicine, nutrition suppliment, in-vitro diagnostics and plant-based product development, Novamedik is teaming up with world leading reseach experts and labs to explore the emerging natural product in replacing conventional chemical drugs.

Natural medicine

Natural medicine or traditional medicine has regain increasing interest in recent years while new chemical drugs development facing dramatic decrease of investment and authority approvals.

It has been thousands of years in our human history that our mother nature generously providing numorous natural meterials that increase immunity of human body in fighting back diseases.

One of our focus in research is to develop natural drugs against most common diseases:

Ongoing project A: Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, a herbal drug is being developed, finished in a Tea form against depression.

Ongoing project B: Plant based extracts/suppliment in form of thoothpaste against cardiovascular disease.

Animal protien and enzymes

Animals and insects are potentially abundant resources of protein for our daily diary. But not all of the forms of this resources could be safely implimented into our foodchain. Saftey is the priority in developing new source of protein for fooding industry. Nevertherless, special enzymes and pipetide from purified natural source are becoming an important stream of material in drug development.

Ongoing project C: Protease (subfamily) from earthworm is being purified for anti-stoling and anti-cancer therapy.

Ongoing project D: Material purified from earthworm is being researched to develope safe 'anti-bacteria' suppliment for chicken farms.

In Vitro Diagnostics

Fighting Corona Virus

Beginning of 2020 the world was starting to realize that a new Corona virus was quickly spreading, no longer contained in a hotspot in China. This new strain, called SARS-COV-2, turned out to be highly contagious and could not easily be contained despite the drastic measures the Chinese government took. Once infected a person can come down with the disease Covid-19, with symptoms like fever, cough and respiratory symptoms. At this moment, Novamedik has teamed up with Chinese hospitals and Companies who have been the first encounters of this deadly virus and gained much experience, knowledge to control the situation. A fast screening test kits based on immunological method is developed and tested in Chinese hospitals. Our kit is now being CE certified. More investment in R&D fighting the COVID-19 is made and the mission is clear: we will bring the best stuitable products with highest science and technolgy available to fight this epidemics.

Intellectual property, Trade Mark and Copyright

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